The idea of a traditional family is changing drastically.

Separation and divorce is stressful and painful. The way you choose to resolve the issues can make it worse or better. You decide the road to take.

If you are going through a divorce or thinking of getting a divorce, it is important to remember you are not alone in the process, in a legal or a social sense.

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What is Parenting Coordination?

Posted: 4 months ago CanadaDivorceMagazine
It is often challenging to co-parent with your "ex." Parenting coordinators can help — benefits your children and yourselves. More info here.
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Divorce Disaster Recovery: Getting Relief to the Victims

Posted: 4 months ago CanadaDivorceMagazine
Did your divorce feel like a natural disaster? Fortunately, this article can give you some disaster relief. Check out the practical advice now.
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5 Changes to Your Estate Plan After Separation

Posted: 4 months ago CanadaDivorceMagazine
Now that you have separated, what's the status of your estate? Get it organized with these 5 tips by a real lawyer.
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