ONLINE Symposium on Separation and Divorce

Who Should Purchase the Online Divorce Symposium?

The Online Divorce Symposium has been created to guide and help those going through a divorce or separation, or for those indirectly affected, such as family or friends.

The Online Divorce Symposium features:

  • Numerous expert speakers
  • Go at your own pace
  • Watch from the privacy of your home.

The Online Divorce Symposium will provide viewers information they would not normally know they need. The speakers are experts in their field and will help you to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Separation and divorce are stressful and painful. The way you choose to resolve the issues can make it worse or better. You decide on the road to take.

The Divorce Symposium is dedicated to providing information and access to professionals who can help through this transitional time.

Divorce Symposium Sample: What to look for in an effective divorce lawyer.

Meet Our Panel of Experts

Each of the topics covered in our Divorce Symposium is addressed by an industry expert who has experience navigating issues related to divorce and separation. For many people, making that decision to separate or divorce triggers fear, anxiety, and doubt.

Being informed removes the emotions to allow for clear decisions.

Our group of professionals wants you to be informed of your choices and provide you with valuable knowledge for many concerns you may have.

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Divorce Symposium Sample: What is a spousal buyout?

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Dear Dorothy, I wanted to let you know that the divorce symposium changed my sister-in-law's life! She thought it was absolutely amazing, and she learned so much. She feels like she is not going through this alone. Prior to the symposium, she was falling apart, and now she feels like there is hope again. This was exactly what she needed. Thank you!!

— Melanie

Divorce Symposium Sample: How to start creating that next vision for your life.

Whether you are thinking of divorce, you're in the process, or you’ve moved on, resources are available.

There are several stages of divorce that begin before the decision is made. Every stage has challenges and uncertainties. Whether you have made the decision or you are at the final stages of divorce, you can join our group of experts for a day of learning, guidance, and support.

All areas of your life are impacted by a change in the family dynamic. Now you have the opportunity to watch the entire symposium from the privacy of your home or office.

Common Questions Answered in the Online Divorce Symposium:

Can I afford to leave?

What will happen to our shared friendships?

Are they going to side with her?

My Ex is using our kids against me — what do I do?

Are my kids better off if I stay or if I go?

My Ex is dating someone new — how do I tell my kids?

Am I going to lose my pension if we get divorced?

I don’t want to sell our home and cause more pain for my kids — what do I do?

I was hooked on the potential of my narcissist Ex — how do I keep from making the same mistake?

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Topics Covered in the Divorce Symposium

  • Family Law
  • Health & Wellness
  • Real Estate Matters
  • Finances
  • Insurance Matters
  • Legal Matters

Divorce is a time of change. It really rocks a foundation of most people’s lives. When we have our hearts broken or our dreams taken away from us, it is a time of growth and change. — Debbie Ford

Sign-Up Bonuses

As a thank you for signing up for the Divorce Symposium, we're pleased to offer the following bonuses for signing up:

1) Free journal and 12 weeks of journal prompts to provide motivation and guidance while going through your divorce.

Provided by: Rose Simard

2) Free confidence-hypnosis, digital-audio program

Provided by: Rae-ann Wood-Schatz, BA, RHT

3) Free 1-hour Therapy Session

Provided by: Joan Small

4) 5-session Reiki package, valued at $775, can be purchased for $450. Includes five 60-minute Reiki sessions, a discovery assessment, pre and post client evaluation, a monthly education email, a Holistopedia ebook, a $25 surprise gift, and a 30-minute Universal Sphere Energy session (solution-based energy work). Sessions must be completed at Diane Matthews' location.

Provided by: Diane Matthews

5) Chance to win an enhanced Signature Experience Session; a 16x20 mounted, retouched, fully enhanced image, printed on archival paper; and a digital version of the image for smartphone, etc, with a value of $1700. As well, a chance to win one of 30 gift certificates valued at $50.

Draw date: Fall of 2019   Provided by: Mark Laurie

6) Brain Health and Nutrition Gift


  • 4 x 1-Hour Transitional Appointments
  • 6 Brain Health and Nutritional Assessments
  • Nuri-body Deficiencies Review
  • Anxiety/Depression and Mood Clarity
  • Daily Food Log Review
  • Brain Health Substitution Food List; Clarity and Power of Your Grocery Cart; Sustain Your Brain; Increase Cognition Meal
  • Plans all based on Your Bioidentical Needs
  • 6 Monthly Follow-up calls
  • Beneficial Brain Blessings

Provided by: Katrina Breau

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ACES This event is sponsored in part by ACES Association of a Community Engaged in Sharing.

As you know, the Reforming the Family Justice System initiative is Alberta’s response to the urgent and complex problems in the family justice system ... [W]e view the Divorce Magazine as a tremendous vehicle for communication about the services and the alternate approaches that are already available in Alberta communities. -Justice Andrea Moen