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The Divorce Guide-Video Library has been created to guide and help those going through a divorce or separation, or for those indirectly affected, such as family or friends.

The Divorce Guide-Video Library is dedicated to providing information and access to professionals who can help through this transitional time.

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The Divorce Guide-Video Library.

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As a thank you for signing up for the Divorce Guide, we're pleased to offer the following bonuses for signing up:

1) Free journal and 12 weeks of journal prompts to provide motivation and guidance while going through your divorce.

Provided by: Rose Simard

2) Free confidence-hypnosis, digital-audio program

Provided by: Rae-ann Wood-Schatz, BA, RHT

3) Free 1-hour Therapy Session

Provided by: Joan Small

4) 5-session Reiki package, valued at $775, can be purchased for $450. Includes five 60-minute Reiki sessions, a discovery assessment, pre and post client evaluation, a monthly education email, a Holistopedia ebook, a $25 surprise gift, and a 30-minute Universal Sphere Energy session (solution-based energy work). Sessions must be completed at Diane Matthews' location.

Provided by: Diane Matthews

5) Chance to win an enhanced Signature Experience Session; a 16x20 mounted, retouched, fully enhanced image, printed on archival paper; and a digital version of the image for smartphone, etc, with a value of $1700. As well, a chance to win one of 30 gift certificates valued at $50.

Draw date: Fall of 2019   Provided by: Mark Laurie

6) Brain Health and Nutrition Gift


  • 4 x 1-Hour Transitional Appointments
  • 6 Brain Health and Nutritional Assessments
  • Nuri-body Deficiencies Review
  • Anxiety/Depression and Mood Clarity
  • Daily Food Log Review
  • Brain Health Substitution Food List; Clarity and Power of Your Grocery Cart; Sustain Your Brain; Increase Cognition Meal
  • Plans all based on Your Bioidentical Needs
  • 6 Monthly Follow-up calls
  • Beneficial Brain Blessings

Provided by: Katrina Breau

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